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XO H100 Okosóra gyerekeknek (rózsaszín)

9.389 Ft
Cikkszám: IN32613
Szállítási díj: Többféle lehetőség közül választhatsz!
Elérhetőség: Raktáron (szállítás 2-3 nap)
Várható szállítás: 2024. május 30.


Smartwatch for kids XO H100 (pink)

The XO H100 smartwatch was created with the youngest users in mind. It allows you to make high-quality video calls and track your child's location in real time. This way you can be sure that it is safe. What's more, it works for up to 48 h on a single charge, and you will renew its energy with the included cable. Math games, on the other hand, will be a great way to get bored, and virtual rewards will encourage them to perform the tasks specified by the parent.


Possibility to chat

Now you can stay in touch with your child, even if you are separated by distance. The smartwatch is equipped with a camera and offers the ability to make HD video calls - you can be sure that your kid is safe.


Built-in LBS locator

The smartwatch has a built-in LBS locator that tracks where your child is in real time. It is also possible to set a safe zone. You don't have to worry about your kid's safety anymore - he or she will be in your care even out of sight.


You don't have to charge it every day

The XO smart watch is equipped with a 300 mAh polymer battery, which translates into about 48 hours of operation. On the other hand, the device remains in standby mode for 70 h. A magnetic cable is included to facilitate charging. After 2 h, the smartwatch will be ready for further use.


A number of useful features

The XO H100 smartwatch offers various capabilities, including an alarm clock, SOS, flashlight, low battery indicator, and WeChat chat. In addition, the device provides math games that will encourage learning and work well on the go. In addition, a parent can send virtual rewards to the H100 if the child completes a certain task.


Lightweight and comfortable

The smartwatch features a lightweight and ergonomic design, which translates into comfort. The device weighs about 42 g, and the strap is made of silicone, so wearing the watch will be comfortable. Moreover, the thickness of the device does not exceed 14.2 mm, so the H100 will look great on the wrist.



  • smartwatch
  • magnetic charging cable
  • instruction manual
  • screwdriver
Manufacturer XO
Model H100
Color pink
Display 1.44"
Chip RDA8955
Resolution 128 x 128
Camera 8 W
Supported SIM cards Micro SIM
Material Silicone (strap)
Battery capacity 300 mAh
Charging time h
Operating time in standby mode 70 h
Operating time 48 h
Memory 32 Mb
Compatibility Android, iOS
Weight 42 ± 2g
Dimensions 52.71 x 40.88 x 14.12mm (watch), 105 x 20 x 2.7mm (strap)
Supported languages Portuguese, Ukrainian, Russian, Greek, Bulgarian, Romanian, Spanish, Arabic, Hebrew, English, Hungarian, Thai, Polish


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Box height 5,00
Box length 10,00
Box width 10,00
Gross weight 105
Net weight 42